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Digital Gallery

Welcome to our virtual art haven!

Step into our digital gallery, a realm showcasing the captivating art that has graced the walls of Ukraine House, past and present. Immerse yourself in the beauty and creativity that has defined our space. 

Cosmogony 1 mini.JPG


Petro Antyp


"Colorful Ukraine in Expressive Paintings"

Volodymyr Patyk

"Icons Save Lives"

Ukrainian Artist

"Bakhmut Stands" by

Yan Dobronosov

Знімок екрана 2023-12-20 о 12.21.41.png

Holodomor 1932-33: Through the Eyes of Ukrainian Artists

Загальний плакат_з більшою кількістю логотипів_page-0001.jpg

Culture Fights Back.

Ukrainian Artists at War

5 Mychajlo Demtsu.jpg

"Art Saves Lives" by 

Ukrainian Artists

"Impressions of War" by Ukrainian Artists


"Children of War"

Art as a refuge for children displaced by war

UkraineHeroes (4) (1)-1_page-0001.jpg

"Ukrainian LGBTQ War Heroes" by 

Alim Yakubov and Dafna Rachok


"From Fire to Life" by Chrystyna Berehovska

35 Farewell hugs.jpg

"By the footpaths of Taras: From Kachanivka to Washington" by Mykola Cherep


Revolution of Dignity by Ukrainian Artists

"Origins of Space" by Serhij Tatchyn

"Origins of Space" by Serhij Tatchyn

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