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#Unbreakable Sasha from Hostomel

March 2022,
Bucha, Kyiv Oblast, Ukraine

On the first day of the full-scale invasion russians terrorists descended on Hostomel, threatening the safety and peace of the town. Their aggression shattered the tranquility, striking civilian infrastructure and robbing the streets of innocent lives. Fearing for their safety, the Filipchuk family made the difficult decision to leave their beloved town behind.

Their journey to safety was marked by tragedy, as their car was brutally attacked by the invaders, resulting in the loss of Julia’s husband and leaving 9-year-old Sasha gravely wounded. Julia, struggled to find her daughter the medical care she desperately needed, amidst the continuous bombardment. They spent two days in a shelter where Sasha was unable to receive the proper treatment she urgently required. When they finally reached the hospital, Sasha was in a weakened state, prompting the doctors to make the difficult decision to amputate her arm in order to save her life.

April to July 2022,
Rome, Italy

Sasha and her mother, Julia, traveled to Rome for another surgery, aiming to aid Sasha's complete recovery. Through a collaborative effort of Ukraine House with the Ministry of Health in Ukraine, Sasha became our #Unbreakable girl, which paved the way for her journey to the United States for specialized rehabilitation.

August 2022
Washington, DC, USA

Sasha and her mom arrived in the US, where they received a warm welcome from Ambassador Oksana Markarova and the Ukraine House team. Despite the many surgeries Sasha had undergone, she expressed her wish for a natural looking prosthesis. The doctors overseeing Sasha's rehabilitation couldn't guarantee this, but they assured her that she would indeed receive a new arm, enabling her to embrace all the activities and joys of childhood.


Shortly thereafter, they relocated to upstate New York to start the rehabilitation program at the Unlimited Tomorrow.

September to October 2022,
Rhineback, NY, USA

Following a thorough assessment of Sasha's condition, the doctors at Unlimited Tomorrow Inc. in New York provided her with a high-tech prosthesis, enabling her to move her fingers. Sasha quickly adapted to her new robotic arm, experiencing the joy of performing everyday tasks with both hands for the first time since March.


With the option to upgrade her prosthetic as she grows, Sasha looks forward to a life filled with unlimited possibilities.

October 2022 to Present,
Great Sudbury, Ontario, Canada

In the face of continued turmoil in Ukraine due to the russian attack, Julia and Sasha made the heartfelt decision to settle in Greater Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. While still adjusting to her new prosthesis, Sasha has already personalized it with painted nails and Ukrainian bracelet.

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